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small problems, little beginnings

hijabi made easy


Luxhijabs is an innovative clothing brand using premium fabrics to design and manufacture chic, hand-crafted hijabs and dresses to meet the desires of all modern hijabis across the world.

We are dedicated to making life easier for all modest women by reinventing hijabs to be more comfortable and exquisite. It is no surprise that LuxHijabs has become an all-time favorite in the global market within two years of operation.

reinventing the hijab

meeting the needs of all hijabis

Our foundation is laid on the principles of providing hijab hair care solutions based on the demands of Muslim women from different regions. To that end, we took our customers’ feedback and started the mission to deliver the most comfortable hijab in the world.


Our story is one that begins as a venture birthed by a need to create overall modest and comfortable clothing for Muslimahs, with a special focus on undercaps.

Hijabis all over the world have various struggles dealing with the seemingly modern world, and while the world strives to address these struggles, not a lot is being done to ensure that the defining piece of clothing, the hijab, is comfortable for the hijabi.

Dealing with the small discomforts is a struggle every hijabi learns to live with, but for Nasima Bari, the founder of Luxhijabs, a hijab should be a woman’s pride. It should give you peace of mind while providing maximum comfort and confidence to practice your faith.