Bamboo Clip-On Hijab Undercap Taupe

$18.99 USD

Ease away the troubles of a traditional hijab underscarf and embrace the freedom of comfort with the Bamboo Clip-on Hijab Undercap. Crafted from 100% bamboo jersey, these provide the same luxurious feel as silk without the worry of them slipping and sliding. Enjoy relief from headaches, hair loss, and suffocated follicles caused by typical hijab undercaps, and take advantage of our unique design features. All you have to do is slip on, clip on, tie back, and go! 

Here's what sets our Bamboo Hijab Undercap apart:

  • 4-way stretch for added comfort
  • 2 built-in clips that help secure everything in place
  • Tieback closure with elastic bands for an easy wear

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    Customer Reviews

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    Nuor Shatila
    Does not move all day!

    My favorite must have undercap! Material is so soft and great quality. I love the tie in the back to adjust. The clips are my favorite. They don’t snag on my hair, easy to adjust and clip on. Pairs great with modal hijabs.

    For optimal care, please hand wash only. Machine washing may cause clips to warp or create unwanted holes.

    why choose bamboo fabric hijab undercaps?

    - Retains the moisture of your natural hair
    - Naturally cool and breathable
    - Offers UV protection
    - Eco-friendly and sustainable